Q: What is the maximum number of people in each group climbing Kilimanjaro?

Q: What is your success rate for reaching the summit of Kilimanjaro?

Q: Which routes do you use to climb Kilimanjaro and can you briefly tell us why you recommend the routes which you use?

Q: Could we start to climb the day after arriving at Kilimanjaro International Airport or do you recommend that we spend a day locally before setting off on the trek?

Q: What extra costs can we expect to incur before, during or after the climb e.g. tipping of porters; mountain tax; and additional transport?

Q: Can children climb Kilimanjaro?

Q: What washing facilities do you provide on Kilimanjaro?

Q: What is the food like during a climb?

Q: What procedures are in place if one of the team is taken ill or injured during the climb and needs to be rescued from Kilimanjaro - and particularly what system you follow to deal with altitude sickness.

Q: What emergency medical equipment and expertise do you provide on Kilimanjaro?

Q: Do you supply oxygen?

Q: Do you require your clients to wear helmets?

Q: What are your safety procedures on Kilimanjaro?

Q: What procedures do you follow for altitude acclimatisation and at what heights are the overnight camp sites?

Q: What level of comfort we can expect in the tents and mess tent ie mattresses, sleeping bags, towels, mess tent facilities, lavatories etc.

Q: Do you have a sample menu? Can you tell us more about the types of fruits and vegetables served? Our health provider informs us of food items that we can/can't eat on trips and we would like to find out if there are items that we are advised not to eat. Do they use safe food preparations?

Q: Regarding the water preparation, if we would like to use another product instead of iodine (aqua mira) after the water is filtered, can we ask that this be used (if we provide it)?

Q: Is toilet paper supplied during the climb?

Q: What happens if someone needs to make a "pit stop" prior to a scheduled stop? I understand that they want people to use safe practices, but they can"t always pop up the toilet tent, correct?

Q: We would like to bring our own sleeping bags, if that isn't a problem. Can you provide more information on the sleeping mattress pad? I see it is a 3 inch foam pad, or is it a self-inflating mattress pad?

Q: Some companies bring an AED for the crater camp for safety precautions. Does your climb team bring one? Is there any safety concerns about camping at that altitude on Kilimanjaro?

Q: I see that the tips are given all to the head guide. Other sites recommend that we distribute the tip. Is that acceptable?

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